“H-Coins” Terms of Use 


1.  What is H-Coin?
    • H-Coin is a platform coin launched by H365, which can be used to purchase and pay for in-game gift packs on the H365 platform to speed up the time it takes for players to pay for each purchase of a gift pack, and to reduce the occurrence of payment delays.
    • H-coins can be 100% deductible gift package amount, 100 H-coins equal to US$1.
    • Additional within 12 months of validity can be used cumulatively and are 100% deductible.


2.  How do I buy H-Coin? What payment methods are available?
    • H-coin can be purchased at the in-game store.
    • H365 provides the following payment methods and adds additional payment methods from time to time:
      • Wechat Pay
      • Alipay
      • Union Pay
      • Credit card (MASTER, VISA, JCB)
      • Telecommunications micropayments (Taiwan area only)
      • Overshoe Code (Taiwan area only)
      • PAYPAL
      • GASH member wallet
    • The use of overseas payment will be the exchange rate and handling fees, please confirm before paying.
    • Be sure to confirm that the package purchased is required by the player and that returns will not be accepted once purchased.
    • H-coin is effective and permanent immediately after purchase, and the additional H-coin is valid for 12
    • Some payment channels will have delays to the account, please be patient and wait for some time. If more than 30 minutes did not arrive at the account please take a screenshot (payment bill details page) and contact customer service  [email protected], not timely please understand.
    • To inquire about payment issues, please provide the following information:
      • Transaction deductions complete a screenshot
      • Game name
      • Game account number
      • Role name
      • ID number
      • Purchase the product name
3.  How do I use H-Coins? How do I see the balance of H-Coins?
    • If H-coin can be used for the next purchase, the number of H-coins available to the player will be actively displayed on the pay screen.
    • To purchase additional H-coins, select the package you need to purchase, determine the total amount and continue the payment process.
    • If this purchase is not used, it cannot be discounted afterwards.


4.  How do I contact H365 Customer Service?
    • The options bar at the bottom of the H365 website → (contact us) or click on the (?help) button.
    • You can also contact customer service email directly [email protected].
    • You can also contact customer service private on telegram within https://t.me/H365_cs.
    • Customer service hours Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00 (except public holidays).