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Slutty Journey

In a place where no males exist, how can a lustful maiden survive? Can a human help her to reach the Heaven of Cocks? Experience a world full of erotic demons and Goddesses, as you go on a hot adventure with women who are full of sexual desire in Slutty Journey.

In this game, you will play a human who has got lost and reached the Lost Border, where he meets the maidens who have been arrested and sent into exile.

One of the maidens is Sun Wukong. She is lascivious, and she oppressed male semen, which undermined the rules of heaven and the human world. That is the reason why she got sent to the Lost Border.

Lost Border is a place where there are no men. If there is no semen to oppress, the maidens will slowly lose their power and die.

But since a human has arrived in Lost Border, they will use that man to pass through the Gate to Human World. And to win the fight, they will summon other Evil Maidens first to prepare for the Celestial Troops. These troops guard the way to the gate to the Human World. And this is where the journey starts.

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