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Orgasm Frontier

A strategy game with global servers, save your beautiful comrades-in-arms, and start a unique meeting memory~
【Master of Destiny】
Starting with a gun, in a city that was almost destroyed, how will you turn the tide step by step?
Constantly fight, recruit and build cities, open up new continents, and regenerate your city from nirvana.
【Strategic Showdown】
The flexible collocation of a large number of heroes, arms and skills, gorgeous battle playback, and the perfect integration of PVE and PVP allow you to enjoy it in casual hang-ups and strategic wars.
【Beauty Team】
By giving gifts, meeting and dating, you can continuously improve your intimacy with beauties, and conquer them while improving your strength.
From stubbornness and rebellion to obedience, a new indescribable memory is opened.
Want to quickly see the lewd side of beauties? are you ready?
Hurry up and download to be in a new world.

You finally woke up! Owner
Ok? here is…?
Shizuka: “I’m going to be trampled to death, master, can you save me?”
Meiko “Brother, can I try your lollipop?”
Fubuki: “Well, the size is right, do you want to be my prey too?”
Have you figured out your answer yet?

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