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[Public beta]Angel Hi

The first Korean Webtoon style adult game on the market;
Including multiple officially authorized Korean webtoons, continuously updated into the Angel Hi universe;

【Rich Main Story content】
What will happen to Eros (the god of love) who was expelled to the human world for not doing his job properly, when he saves the angels who fell to the human world?

【Eden – Ecstasy】
Become the partner of angels, explore the angels’ past through personal “sexual” adventure, and revive the glory of the God of Love!

【Eden – Erotic Puzzle】
How did the angels become fallen angels? Let’s learn more about their experiences on Earth through erotic puzzle games!

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Currently in a non-data-wiping test phase

People who satisfy their selfish desires during modeling auditions;
People who indulge in twisted pleasures and deviance;
In this morally corrupt world,
How can the expelled God of Love, Eros, save all this?

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